Où dormir à Hambourg?

On l’avait un peu pressenti, la situation pour le logement est compliqué à Hambourg. Heureusement plein de solutions émergent.

Le camp à Elbpark Entenwerder est en train de fermer à cause d’une pression policière trop forte.

Des camps sauvages ouvrent dans plusieurs endroits de la ville. Pas sûr que la police ne les évacué pas mais pour le moment, ça à l’air de tenir.

Une hotline a aussi été mise en place pour proposer et trouver des logements militants : +491639273427

Une ligne d’info générale est aussi ouverte : +49 152 1372 1793

Si vous avez accès à twitter et comprenez l’anglais, on vous conseille vivement de suivre le compte @NoG20_Inter qui donne les dernières infos.

Autrement, rendez-vous aux points infos disséminés dans la ville : rote flora, gänge viertel, arrivati park, …

Allez, la répression est impressionnante ici mais on lache rien.

Aussi faites attention sur le chemin, les contrôles aux frontières s’intensifient et même les contrôleurs SNCF sont mis a contribution pour reperer les personnes type “militants à tendance extrême, type zadiste” qui voyagent en direction de l’Allemagne la belgique ou la Suisse.

Ouverture du camp anticapitaliste à Elbpark Entenwerder

Le camp anticapitaliste ouvre en ce moment à Elbpark Enetewerder.

Venez avec vos tentes, sacs de couchage et matelas. Fait pas chaud donc si vous n’êtes pas encore parti, prenez un bon duvet.

La station de métro la plus proche: S-Bahn Rothenburgsort

International No G20- Last Infosheet for th e G20 Protestweek

July 1, 2017;
contact: international@g20-2017.org
or stay tuned at | http://g20-protest.info; https://www.g20hamburg.org/en

Dear friends
This is the last update for our international comrades, friends, activists who will join the no g20 protest week in Hamburg with the most relevant telphone numbers, addresses, contact points you might need when you come to Hamburg. These contacts/numbers are especially important since many things might change in the course of the week – depending on court rulings (e.g. the camps and registered demonstrations) as well as on our actual mobilizations and the potential and empowerment of the many, the lively and heterogeneous.
However, the general info-numbers will stay in place and will help you to orient yourself and get the current information then you need.
Plus, for the general activities in the course of the week please consult our last international no-g20 newsletter from two weeks ago (http://g20-protest.info/category/general-information/newsletter-june-2017/).
And for all international activists we offer an information and get together meeting, Thursday, July 6 from 11.30 am to 1 pm at the main site of the solidarity summit at Kampnagel in the location of the Alabama Kinosaal (Jarrestraße 20; Hamburg, Hamburg 22303 Germany, see also https://www.google.com/maps/place/Jarrestra%C3%9Fe+20,+22303+Hamburg,+Germany/@53.58406,10.0205813,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x47b1892e8ef5dd1d:0x2d30dd18578a70bc!8m2!3d53.58406!4d10.02277?hl=en)

Below you can find the information organized in general contact points and numbers (including legal info numbers, camps, accommodation), and a list of info-links to the various activities/alliances.:
Looking forward to seeing you all in Hamburg!

1. General Information – numbers, addresses
General Infonumber | +49 (0) 152 1372 1793 | The people at the phone will orient you to infopoints (for mass accommodation/camps, meeting points etc.) and give you current information during your travel & the days.
EA (Legal Team) | https://g20ea.blackblogs.org/en/ | twitter: @ea_hh | +49 (0)40 432 78 778 (the legal team is NOT a general infophone, please call then if you see arrests. If you are arrested you have the right to call them (one call to a lawyer or legal help). For more information on legal questions please see http://g20-protest.info/category/legal-stuff/
City and action maps | http://www.blockg20.org/aktionskarten/: This is where you find various maps of Hamburg for the actions, for info- and meeting points. Please stay tuned, since there will be updates regularly with important info and numbers (see also a reader with timetable, Infrastructure, Infopoints at http://g20-protest.info/category/general-information/reader-for-the-protest-week/
There will be Arrival Info Point where you will find wonderful activists who will help you with your questions located at the Main railway station (Hamburg Hauptbahnhof), at Arrivati Park (Neuer Pferdemarkt), at the Rote Flora at the street Schulterblatt (the later both close to the Blue Zone). You can find all these places clearly marked in the action maps (see above)
The Camp will (hopefully) be at the Altona Volkspark/Jugendsportpark, in the West of the city (please go to the train station Altona Bahnhof). There is still a political and legal battly around it (as also in regards to the otehr camp inside the Blue Zone, the Stadtpark camp), but right now the camp in Altona it is being build and constructed in order to have a space for all activists to sleep.
Infonumbers of the Camp | 004915217030644 | 004915210572673
There is also a private accommodation exchange (solidarity accommodation). If you come in smaller numbers please check here and you will find hospitable people from Hamburg offering their space and bed: http://g20-protest.info/category/week-of-protest/private-accommodation/
Social media No G20 International | Facebook: @g20 international | Twitter: @NoG20_Inter | #noG20

2. Information to the Activities and alliances:
05.- 06. July | Global Solidarity Summit | http://solidarity-summit.org/en/global-solidarity-summit/ (program /broschure to download with all locations at https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B51UrzA22gw4WlgtUGdtNUNnYjg/view)
06. July | Welcome to Hell | 16.00 at Fischmarkt with an opening rally, start of the (autonomous) demonstration at 6.30 pm, for more see https://g20tohell.blackblogs.org/
07. July | early in the morning after 7 am around the blue and red zone Block G20 | http://www.blockg20.org/en/
07. July | early in the morning after 7 am on the southern side of the Elbe in Wilhelmsburg Shutdown the harbour | https://shutdown-hamburg.org/?lang=en
08. July | 11 am at Deichtorhallen (close to the central station) Demonstration „Solidarity without borders instead of G20“ – the demo will start at 1 pm with a a lively, colourful international block with all of you (followed by the contingents of the Kurdisch, radical left, youth, Attac, Left party, peace movement|, Turkish, Climate Justice and many others etc. In the end of the march there will be music and dance trucks. The closing rally will be at the Heiligengeistfeld (still at the courts) from 3 to 6 pm (for more see http://g20-demo.de/de/start/ or http://g20-demo.de/en/start-2/
Infoportal | https://www.g20hamburg.org/en | http://g20-protest.info/

Dernières nouvelles du 29 juin

CAMPS & court decisions

Yesterday the constitutional court of Germany decided about the prohibition declared before against the “anticapitalistic camp” (at the central city park “Stadtpark”). Their decision by last and highest level of jurisdiction is a clear “NES” or “Yes and No”.

On one hand, the Camp is now generally allowed and it´s accepted as a “political event”- which was the main questions in that trial…

On the other hand, the court gave a lot of space to the Hamburg authorities and Police for restrictions and even bans… until the possibility to direct another alternative location or to prohibit tents that are obviously “only for sleeping” (and so not a political event)

OK… the camp group will or at least want to start now immediately with the installation… meanwhile police headquarter pronounced again their total rejection for that camp at this place.

The other camp at so called “Volkspark” (far away from city Center) started later with their court rally and received yesterday a prohibition by the 2nd court level… now the constitutional court again will take final decision.


The 1rst big arrival of activists from everywhere has started these days. It´s cool… you see the foreign cars and buses… you see crowds with backpacks arriving at central stations and so on. Big, large kitchen groups and equipment from all over Germany and even Netherlands are installing now.

The Police controls the main traffic points in Hamburg and at least the Danish and Belgium Border. They are obviously mainly looking for “Black-Block-Equipment” and “Violent Groups”. However, until now – as far as we know – nobody was longer stopped or even arrested by arriving.

But the cops are getting more and more nervous. Yesterday they occupied whole quarter “Schanze” again expecting maybe a “wild Demo” after the so expected negative court decision. And already in the morning time they stole our loved “ACAB – Water Cannon” look https://youtu.be/E0IeBBBDdqs

Other 300 Riot Cops from Berlin before yesterday were sent back home after a wild Party in their accommodation – with a lot of alcohol, armed striptease, public sex and so on… look https://www.theguardian.com/world/2017/jun/28/berlin-police-party-taken-off-hamburg-g20-summit-public-sex-urination

ACTION & structure

Last Saturday we made a Demo to their G20 prison at the quarter of Harburg by 400 people, convoyed by more than 800 cops and 10 Water cannons. The good News: Activists from Harburg together with legal team and layers will organize a permanent support for prisoned Protesters.

Then yesterday a huge banner was installed at the main Bridge of the river Elbe “Build Bridges not Walls” – look http://abcnews.go.com/International/wireStory/activists-protest-legal-migration-policies-ahead-g20-48320780 Cool: obvious created by several different activist groups which is as well a good sign for staying closed together all parts of movements in action.

Tomorrow we´ll start the Anti – G20 – Resistance – Week by an open-air concert in front of Rote Flora… we proudly present Irie Revolte look https://youtu.be/9iKTOKidwEE

Quelques infos et conseils utiles

◆ Dress practically
◆ No contact lenses, wear breakproof glasses instead
◆ No make-up, due to reactions on pepper spray
◆ No jewelery, to avoid injuries
◆ Bring clothes to get changed
◆ Cover up any labels on your clothes (it makes you less distinguishable in the mass)
◆ Carry eye rinsing solution, portable water and sun protection
◆ No mobiles or directories (use demo mobiles)
◆ No pictures or video recordings

Take care of yourselves and others! Help each other! Don’t look away in the case of sexism, racism and other discrimination!

◆ Do you know surname and last name, year of birth and adress of everyone in your group?
◆ Where to set your Action Consensus, where are your limits?
◆ Are there people with special needs (medication, asthma, etc.)?
◆ Do you have a nickname for the group, so you don’t lose each other?
◆ Is there any plan in case you lost the group?

◆ Carry enough water and First-Aid Kits
◆ Rinsing the eye (CS residue, pepper, spray teargas): Generously rinse the eye with water. Take care so water is not touching the other eye or cloth. Rinse out the lower eye!
◆ Bring any medication you need on an regular basis
◆ If people get injured help and shout for first aid (by calling or using the demo-paramedics number)
◆ Get in touch with Qut of Action- psychological aid, if you are in need of a talk, in a safe and solidaryatmosphere, about actions experiences (e.g. with repression)

autonomously acting first-aid groups : https://g20sanis.blackblogs.org / g20sanis@nadir.org

◆ conveys lawyers to the arrested
◆ If you wittness an arrest, or get arrest yourself call the EA
◆ Essential informations are your surname und last name and date of birth
◆ You are allowed to do one call in the case of arrest
◆ Only give statement to name, adress and date of birth; refuse any other testimony – you are not required to, without legal support! Sign nothing
◆ Document and promulgate governmental violence via: repressions-monitoring.de

Spleeping places :  g20-protest.de/bettenboerse/
Internet hamburg.freifunk.net/
◆ St. Pauli FanRäume | as of 03.07. | Showers | Open: 10:00-22:00 | Food: 10:00-22:00
◆ Oase Gängeviertel | as of 30.06. 18:00-22:00 , as of 05.07. 24h | Food: as of 05.07. 10:00-22:00 | accessibly toilet | daily plenum as of 19:00
◆ Rote Flora | 02.-08.07. | spare cloth | Open: 24h | Food: 10:00-22:00
◆ Centro Sociale | 04.-10.07. | all around the bike | accessibly toilet | Open: 14:00-24:00
◆ Cafe Knallhart | 06.-09.07. | Open: 10:00-18:00

◆ Hafenstraße | 02.-09.07. Open: 10:00-02:00 | Food: 15:00-22:00
◆ Sauerkrautfabrik | 05.-10.07. | spare cloth |legal aid | Open/Food: 10:00-22:00
◆ fux Kaserne | 06.-09.07. | Open/Food: 10:00-22:00
◆ Queerer Raum Villa Magdalena K | retreat 06.-09.07. | Open: 10:00-24:00 | accessibly toilet

#NoG20 #allesallen #HamburgCityStrike


Update sur les camps et les hébergements

Pour le moment, les 2 camps sont encore en procès pour obtenir les autorisations. Cependant que les procès soient victorieux ou non, une solution sera trouvé pour loger tout le monde. Dès que nous avons plus d’informations, nous les communiquerons ici même.

Pour les personnes voyageant seules ou en petits groupes, vous pourrez trouver un hébergement militant sur cette bourse :


C’est uniquement en allemand mais n’hésitez pas à appuyer sur Eintrag Ansehen pour voir les détails des offres.

N’hésitez pas à repasser dans les prochains jours pour avoir les dernières infos. Nous vous communiquerons notamment avant mardi les contacts des personnes à joindre pour l’hébergement,  pour la légal, l’infohotline, et les dernières infos.


N’héstez pas à suivre sur les réseaux sociaux le groupe international de préparation du G20 pour avoir les dernières infos :

Twitter : @NoG20_Inter

Facebook : No G20 International : @g20international

Update sur le programme de la semaine

Dimanche 2 Juillet

Protestwelle – Vague de protestation
Où :   Rathausmarkt; Binnenalster | Quand  12h
Info :  g20-protestwelle.de | #g20protestwelle
Forme : Manifestation de masse symbolique
Mardi 4 Juillet
Summit of the Many opening Wishstore
Hansaplatz | Quand 16h – 20h
Info : new-hamburg.de | #newhamburg
Forme : Wishstore avec des ateliers et des débats
Hard Cornern – Reclaim the Streets
  partout et pour tout le monde sur la zone rouge | Quand : toute la journée
Info : allesallen.info/kalender | #allesallen
Forme :  Hedonist Mass “Cornern” (hanging out) – Direct Action
Mercredi 5 Juillet
I ́d rather dance plenty then G20 – Je préfère danser que le G20
  S-Bahn Landungsbrücken | Quand 18h
Info :  allesallen.info/kalender | #allesallen
Forme : Manifestation nocturne dansée
Sommet Alternatif
  Kampnagel | Quand  05 et 06 Juilet | 10h – 21:30
Info solidarity-summit.org
Forme Sommet International de la Solidarité Globale
Performance 1000 Figures
  HafenCity | Quand 12h30
Info  1000gestalten.de | #1000Gestalten
Forme  Performance Artistique
Jeudi 6 Juillet
Sommet Alternatif
  Kampnagel | Quand  05 et 06 Juilet | 10h – 21:30
Info solidarity-summit.org
Forme Sommet International de la Solidarité Globale
Welcome to Hell – Bienvenue en enfer
St. Pauli Fischmarkt | Quand  16h Pricket | 19h Manifestation
Info  g20tohell.blackblogs.org | #nog20
Forme manifestation de masse internationnale et anticapitaliste
Vendredi 7 Juillet
Shut down the Logistics of Capital
sur le port | Quand le matin
Info  shutdown-hamburg.org/ | #HamburgCityStrike
Forme Action directe dans le port
Colourful Critical Mass
Où  Moorweide (S-Bahn Dammtor) | Quand  19h
Info  #cmasshh
Forme Vélorution
Board the G20-sink Capitalism
Reeperbahn | Quand 20h
Info http://g20-entern.org/ | #nog20
Forme Manifestation
Block G20 – Colour the Red Zone
tout autour de la zone rouge | Quand le matin
Info  blockg20.org | Vorabtreffen | #blockg20 | #HamburgCityStrike
Forme Action directe pour bloquer la zone rouge
Learning Space, not Education Factory 4
Education Strike
Deichtorplatz | Quand 10h30
Info jugendgegeng20.de | #HamburgCityStrike
Forme Manifestation et appel à la grève

Samedi 8 Juillet

Borderless Solidarity instead of G20 – Solidarité sans frontière au lieu du G20
  Deichtorplatz | Quand 11h
Info  g20-demo.de | #nog20 #HamburgCityStrike
Forme Manifestation massive internationale
Dimanche 9 Juillet
Nobody Forgotten – Nothing Forgiven  –  Personne d’oubliée – Rien de pardonné
  Harburg Rathaus
Forme Manifestion Anti-Repression

Update Block the G20 Colour the red zone

De nouvelles infos sur l’action Block the G20 Colour the Red Zone  du 7 juillet : (en anglais car on a plus trop le temps de traduire en ce moment, mais n’hésitez pas à nous contacter si vous avez des question : nog20fr@riseup.net )

Important for you to know!

To join the blockade you should participate in the final action plenary on Thursday July 6th, at 15:00. This plenary is planned to take place at the camp at Volkspark Altona (for map click here) but this might change shortly before, so stay tuned and check for updates. Latest at this plenary it will be clear when and where we will start on Friday morning and which fingers you can join.

In the morning of Friday, July 6th, we will start from several meeting points. The final time and location will be published few days before.

Constant updates and contacts can be found on our website: http://www.blockg20.org/en/ and on Twitter and Facebook: @BlockG20 (#BlockG20).

If you have any questions concerning BlockG20 beforehand, you can contact us under info[at]blockg20.org (PGP-Key: Public Key für info [AT] blockg20.org).

Legal Infos:

There will be a legal team (twitter: @EA_hh) operating, monitoring by the Committee for Basic Rights and Democracy (including people from the OECD Assembly Rights Working Group as well as parliamentarians), a medical team, out of action areas watching out for us and helping us, and people waiting outside the “Gesas” (pre-charge detention center).

Take your time to check out legal information on the blog of the G20 anti-repression structure: https://g20ea.blackblogs.org/en/ in various languages. We also recommend reading this article about German police history and tactics: https://linksunten.indymedia.org/de/node/212864. Legal info in various languages: https://www.rote-hilfe.de/downloads/category/8-legalinfo-in-other-languages.

A few days before the protests, NoG20 International will provide a short, last info sheet including emergency telephone numbers in case of arrest and info numbers for the BlockG20 action and the protests in general. Those numbers are important to have; so please check the NoG20 International mailing list or contact us before your trip if you have not received them.