Update Block the G20 Colour the red zone

De nouvelles infos sur l’action Block the G20 Colour the Red Zone  du 7 juillet : (en anglais car on a plus trop le temps de traduire en ce moment, mais n’hésitez pas à nous contacter si vous avez des question : nog20fr@riseup.net )

Important for you to know!

To join the blockade you should participate in the final action plenary on Thursday July 6th, at 15:00. This plenary is planned to take place at the camp at Volkspark Altona (for map click here) but this might change shortly before, so stay tuned and check for updates. Latest at this plenary it will be clear when and where we will start on Friday morning and which fingers you can join.

In the morning of Friday, July 6th, we will start from several meeting points. The final time and location will be published few days before.

Constant updates and contacts can be found on our website: http://www.blockg20.org/en/ and on Twitter and Facebook: @BlockG20 (#BlockG20).

If you have any questions concerning BlockG20 beforehand, you can contact us under info[at]blockg20.org (PGP-Key: Public Key für info [AT] blockg20.org).

Legal Infos:

There will be a legal team (twitter: @EA_hh) operating, monitoring by the Committee for Basic Rights and Democracy (including people from the OECD Assembly Rights Working Group as well as parliamentarians), a medical team, out of action areas watching out for us and helping us, and people waiting outside the “Gesas” (pre-charge detention center).

Take your time to check out legal information on the blog of the G20 anti-repression structure: https://g20ea.blackblogs.org/en/ in various languages. We also recommend reading this article about German police history and tactics: https://linksunten.indymedia.org/de/node/212864. Legal info in various languages: https://www.rote-hilfe.de/downloads/category/8-legalinfo-in-other-languages.

A few days before the protests, NoG20 International will provide a short, last info sheet including emergency telephone numbers in case of arrest and info numbers for the BlockG20 action and the protests in general. Those numbers are important to have; so please check the NoG20 International mailing list or contact us before your trip if you have not received them.