Dernières nouvelles du 29 juin

CAMPS & court decisions

Yesterday the constitutional court of Germany decided about the prohibition declared before against the “anticapitalistic camp” (at the central city park “Stadtpark”). Their decision by last and highest level of jurisdiction is a clear “NES” or “Yes and No”.

On one hand, the Camp is now generally allowed and it´s accepted as a “political event”- which was the main questions in that trial…

On the other hand, the court gave a lot of space to the Hamburg authorities and Police for restrictions and even bans… until the possibility to direct another alternative location or to prohibit tents that are obviously “only for sleeping” (and so not a political event)

OK… the camp group will or at least want to start now immediately with the installation… meanwhile police headquarter pronounced again their total rejection for that camp at this place.

The other camp at so called “Volkspark” (far away from city Center) started later with their court rally and received yesterday a prohibition by the 2nd court level… now the constitutional court again will take final decision.


The 1rst big arrival of activists from everywhere has started these days. It´s cool… you see the foreign cars and buses… you see crowds with backpacks arriving at central stations and so on. Big, large kitchen groups and equipment from all over Germany and even Netherlands are installing now.

The Police controls the main traffic points in Hamburg and at least the Danish and Belgium Border. They are obviously mainly looking for “Black-Block-Equipment” and “Violent Groups”. However, until now – as far as we know – nobody was longer stopped or even arrested by arriving.

But the cops are getting more and more nervous. Yesterday they occupied whole quarter “Schanze” again expecting maybe a “wild Demo” after the so expected negative court decision. And already in the morning time they stole our loved “ACAB – Water Cannon” look

Other 300 Riot Cops from Berlin before yesterday were sent back home after a wild Party in their accommodation – with a lot of alcohol, armed striptease, public sex and so on… look

ACTION & structure

Last Saturday we made a Demo to their G20 prison at the quarter of Harburg by 400 people, convoyed by more than 800 cops and 10 Water cannons. The good News: Activists from Harburg together with legal team and layers will organize a permanent support for prisoned Protesters.

Then yesterday a huge banner was installed at the main Bridge of the river Elbe “Build Bridges not Walls” – look Cool: obvious created by several different activist groups which is as well a good sign for staying closed together all parts of movements in action.

Tomorrow we´ll start the Anti – G20 – Resistance – Week by an open-air concert in front of Rote Flora… we proudly present Irie Revolte look