Report Working Meeting Block G20 May 13/14 in Hamburg

En attendant la version française, voici le compte-rendu de la réunion de préparation de l’action de masse Block G20 colour the red zone (

Presence: About 40 People, including people from Hamburg Refugee Coucil,
solid Berlin, attac, IL

At the meeting we concretized our action plan. The exhibition halls
(where the G20 will meet) and the access routes there are crucial for
our blockades. Our action day the 7th of July starts early in the
morning before the heads of states and governments and their entourage
arrive at the exhibition halls. We block their arrival routes from the
hotels and from the airport to the conference halls. Therefore we
approach the exhibition halls as close as possible. Our goal is to make
the coming together of the heads of states and governments and their
delegations impossible, to at least delay it significantly and disturb
it that way. We will stay there as long as possible and occupy the
neuralgic spots around the fair and at the access routes. As long as the
blockade spots are set up and the blockade is functioning, there will be
no reason for us to leave those spots.

We believe that a second wave of activists and people living in the area
will join our action early afternoon. Other activists who partipated in
the start of the action will leave it for different reasons. We want to
create meeting points for early afternoon, where people can meet to join
the action together. We think about two possible meeting points early
afternoon, one at the east and one at the west oft he exhibition halls.

We will make it as difficult as possible for police to clear off our
blockades. Nevertheless it is possible that some of our blockade spots
will be cleared off in the morning or around midday. In that case we
will retreat to safe areas close by. There we will rest and decide how
to continue our action. At the moment we can imagine to start a second
wave of blockades in the afternoon, with the goal to block the streets
from the exhibition halls to the elbphilharmony. In the evening a dinner
and a concert for the heads of states and governements are planned there.

At the meeting we agreed upon an action consensus which basically
consists of a short version of the action image already decided in february:

Action consensus (Outline of the action plan)
It is our goal to disturb the proceedings of the G20 Summit noticeably
and to disrupt the staging of power that the summit represents. We will
commit a publicly announced mass breach of rule. Our actions are a
justified means of resistant mass disobedience. Our blockades are human
blockades and creative material blockades, consisting of everyday
objects. We will – pursue our goal level-headed and determined, – as
participants take care of each other in solidarity and – protect
ourselves in order to defend our right to physical integrity. We will
not start any escalation. We unite in solidarity with all those who
share our emancipatory criticism of G20.

For a successful action we need your donations: Verein Bewegungsfonds,
IBAN: CH07 0900 0000 6187 7407 8, BIC: POFICHBEXXX, Reference: “Aktion”

Besides that we agreed to meet again in hamburg at our action conference
the 17th of June. An invitation for this conference will follow. The
date could also be used for a further international meeting, so the
appointment could be important for the international coordination as well.

Further Informations for the mobilization:
If you want to organize action trainings in your regions/cities contact
the action training structure Skills for Action
Up-to-date informations are available at the website
Please create links to this site and make it known through social networks.
Mobilization materials can be ordered at